Wednesday, August 17, 2005

pros and cons

Here I am, still living with the 'rents. It hasn't been that bad really. I just hate sharing a room with both kids. Lexie has started snoring, which would be cute if I was hearing it over an intercom and not in my right ear. S and my step-dad have bonded over basement remodeling and softball. The testosterone is flying here.

Some great points about living with my mom, step-dad and sisters:
  • free babysitting,
  • meaning I get long, leisurely showers.
  • homecooked meals that I didn't have to prepare.
  • free babysitting.
  • trying to do the dishes and getting shoo'd away (is shoo'd a word?).
  • free babysitting.
  • reconnecting with my mom and sisters.
  • free babysitting
  • saving bunches of money by not having any bills to pay, other than cell phone and car payments.

But, as you know, with the good comes the bad:

  • no privacy
  • guilt over watching my mom clean up after all of us
  • no privacy
  • buying a bag of candy and not even getting one piece (thanks mom).
  • no privacy
  • the imagined pressure to find a place already. My mom and step-dad insist they aren't sick of us, but I don't want to push it.
  • the fear that I'm cashing all my free babysitting chips in now, as opposed to when I might actually need them (Starbuck's runs are not really that necessary).

So, we have a few houses to look at tonight. Rent here is cheap and that's what we want. We have a goal of how much to save for a downpayment and I already have an area picked out for where I want to live. Downtown Coeur d'Alene is so quaint and charming, I just want to gobble the whole town up.

Oh, and I bit the bullet and applied at Starbucks. My sister's boss hasn't gotten back to me yet, and I need a job like yesterday. I'll let you all know how that goes.


Heather B said...

Glad you updated!! Pros and cons suck don't they!?

Good luck with the job hunting and apartment hunting!!

Melissa said...

Good luck with the job and apartment. I'm jealous of the babysitting.

Dawn said...

oooh free babysitting. . .long showers. . .can I move in too?

Wethyb said...

I don't think I could stand living w/ my parents again, but if I had to, I would.

Free babysitting's always a plus though!!

Good luck with the job!

Taylor said...

Good for you for applying to Starbucks. Hopefully that means free coffee, right?!

This town sounds cuuuute. I wanna see pictures ;)

Linda said...

Free babysitting sounds great, but totally understand the cons too.

Good luck with the job. I love Starbucks!

Laina said...

Just enjoy the free babysitting and don't worry about using it up! After your parents get used to having the girls around, they'll miss them once you move out and will be willing to watch them for you all the time!