Thursday, August 25, 2005

Long time ago when we was fab

Here are some random photos of sweet, cute, little old me:

1982, I'm 4 in this picture. Can you see the damage from thumb-sucking on my teeth?
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1986, I'm 8 1/2 here. All I remember was I fought my teacher to keep that sweater on only to have my mom yell at me for not taking it off.
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1987, I'm 9 1/2 and looking geeky. In the photo, as well as the two above, I am wearing outfits my mother sewed for me. Unfortunately, I possess none of this talent.
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1996, I'm 17 here. That's my youngest sister Katie there with me. We're on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland, I think. I'm wearing a bright yellow Magical Mystery Tour shirt and a Piglet watch. This was the beginning of my still ongoing obsession with the Beatles. Yeah, I was so cool.
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I'll have to dig up some super embarrassing junior high pics. I think my mom hid them so I wouldn't destroy them, smart lady that she is.


Dawn said...

nice pics!!

Julie said...

Love the pics! I don't think you look geeky at all in the one. You should have seen me at that age.

By the way, I graduated from h.s. in 1986. Ack!!!!

Laina said...

I heart Beatle-obsessed bitches! I had a Hard Day's Night t-shirt instead of MMT, though. ;)

Laina said...

BTW, I just noticed the title. Nice!

Heather B said...

You're lucky. You were a pretty child growing up. I didn't have that luck!!

Linda said...

I love these old school pics. You were a very cute little kid..I see where Lexie and Emmie get it from!

I should try digging some of my pics up, but that would take work and I am not up for that these days...LOL!