Friday, February 18, 2005


So, I've been thinking about that damn article for like three days now. That's a record set for amount of time a subject has spent in my head.

When I first read about over-achieving moms, I felt this twinge of guilt. Like, maybe I am a giant loser because I don't do and don't plan on doing any of that crap for my kids. I'll say it first, I am the laziest of moms I know. So far, I have lucked out because my daughter is very self-suffient. So much so that if you try to play with her, she gets pissed. I've been very happy with that.

Then, I got to thinking (this happened about three days ago...See the connection?) what if she's self-suffient because I made her that way? I mean I've pretty much let her do her thing since coming home from the hospital. She was (still is) a big sleeper. Fine with me. That meant I had more me time. I can never get enough me time. But, what if she had to adapt because of my laziness. Is this possible. I really don't think so, I think it's her personality. But still. Should I be planning play dates and gymboree class and swim lessons and future ballet classes and karate and...and...and?

When I stumbled upon the slacker mom article I felt liberated. Yes. Finally. I don't need excuses any longer as to why my house is a mess. As to why my baby is still in her jammies even though it's three in the afternoon. As to why I'm still in my jammies at three in the afternoon. And this is totally how I want it. I want my kids to be self-suffient. But, if this next one pops out demanding my attention and time 24/7 that's okay too. I'll give it to her.

Because that's the kind of mom I want to be. One who gives her kids what they want, and doesn't shove a million and one activities in their faces. If I'm unkept and wild looking, it will be because that's what I want, not because I don't have the time for me.

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Linda said...

I don't think you made your daughter that way, I think that is her personality. She was born with it. Alyssa is the same exact way (independent) and we do go to silly classes similar to gymboree. I do plan play dates. She doesn't care!

You give her what she wants and I am sure if she demanded more attention, you would give it to her. (As you said you would do for your next child).

And that is a great mom!

Now if you were giving her rat poison and letting her wander the streets....LOL!