Monday, January 03, 2005

We have tooth!

Finally, the little bugger decided to cut her first tooth. And get this...It's her top tooth. Leave it to my child to be abnormal and cut her teeth backwards.

It was great. I didn't even know she was teething. I had been diligently checking her bottom gums every day, searching for signs that there were indeed teeth under them, never thinking to check her top gums. Then, a few nights ago I was tickling her and noticed something poking out up there in gumland. Holy crap, I thought and called S over to investigate (S is now code for husband, I was sick of typing new words for husband and he still won't let me use his name...sheesh).

As for those pictures of terror I promised, well that's a sore subject here. S decided that the only way to get rid of that nasty virus on the computer was to wipe out the hard drive and start all over. Meaning, he deleted all of our Christmas pictures. Son of a... Needless to say I was upset, he was upset, the dog and baby were upset. That will teach me not to backup onto a disk...DOH!


Toni said...

CONGRATS!!! Hope you're not nursing :)

Linda said...

Congratulations on the tooth! They look so cute in their little mouths. out for the bite!