Thursday, January 27, 2005

Holy Crap, she's walking

Am I in trouble now!

Last night angel-baby took her first tentative steps by herself. While S and I were busy talking. Thankfully, she caught S's eye and he got to witness her first "grown-up" steps. Man, I always miss the big moments. Luckily, she performed her trick once more before calling it a night.

I will admit it now. I cried. A lot. Seems to be happening a lot lately. I feel as though I am in mourning over the growing up of my little girl. It started out as just whimsical melancholy, but has snowballed into pregnant-hormonal depression over how she will never fit in one arm again. How she will never cut that first tooth again. Never take her first steps again...agh, I'm welling up as I type.

I know this is the pregnancy talking. But, it is sad. Who knew how heartbreaking watching your children grow could be. In just a few (yeah like 14-15) years, she's going to be screaming about how I don't understand and how she will just DIE if I don't let her do what she wants. So, I will cherish these sweet, simple, cuddle days. And cry into my pillow.


Linda said...

HOLY CRAP is right!!!

I am sorry your feeling so down about your little girl growing up. Even though mine isn't mobile, I feel the same way. Mine happened when the ped told me I can feed Alyssa anything she can gum (ground meat, chicken, whatever). I am for sure not ready for that!

And of course, this is why we have more kids.

Toni said...

It's hard...but also fun. Think of the good things when you're about to how she'll be able to walk more - you won't have to carry her all the time (with you getting bigger and all). :)