Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Don't you need a license for parenthood?

So, I've been reading everyone's resolutions for the new year and I gotta say I am mightily impressed. I gave up on those a long, long time ago. I mean, who was I kidding? I knew by February that all of them would be broken. So, no resolutions for me. Makes life easier, you know?

The sun has finally come back to us here in Northern California. This cloudy, rainy crap was really wreaking havoc on my emotions. Even though I rarely venture past our front porch, just knowing if I did go into the "real" world I would get wet made me sad. Today, I know I can walk outside without fear of wet shoes and soggy hair. That is if I really wanted to walk somewhere (HA!)

I can't believe in about 6 months I am going to be the mother of two (2!!) children. Oh my. I certainly don't feel "grown-up" enough for that. Seriously, I still feel like I'm playing house somedays. S and I fight over the baby's toys (she got this really cool one for Christmas that he and I think is great. Greater than she seems to think). Can you imagine what we'll be like when the kids (agh, plural!) are older and want to play video games, but can't because I have to get to the next level before handing over the controller. My mind can't seem to wrap around that.

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