Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So, I guess your life falling apart really makes you kick ass at the work place. Or is that just me? I'm seriously rocking the job scene right now and am loving it. My supervisor told me today that she appreciated that I could leave my life crap at the door. Hmmm, this is a first for me. I'm usually blubbering and sniffing to anyone near by. Yay me.

Things still going well. Though I have realized that if I don't do the dishes, they aren't magically done when I get home. Damn. Same with the laundry and the bathing of the kids and all the stuff you take for granted when there are two adults in the house. So, while I type away here on the good ole' internet, my house looks like a toy, dish, and clothes bomb went off in it.

But, I'm clean, the kids are clean and that should say a lot.


Julie said...

Work is great for getting your mind off other stuff.

Hang in there, girlie.


Linda said...

Your clean, your girls are clean...that's the important stuff...LOL.

Laina said...

My house looks like that most nights, and there are two adults (okay, so maybe the "adult" part is questionable) in my house. Personally, if I went to the home of someone with two toddlers and everything was spotless and there weren't toys everwhere, I'd assume that they locked their kids in the closet during all waking hours, and I'd plan my anonymous call to CPS then and there. ;)

Anonymous said...

How are things going...?