Monday, January 09, 2006


So, I'm sitting here at the local library praying the people sitting on either side of me don't look over and read what I'm typing (YES, YOU. YOU OVER THERE. THE TWENTYSOMETHING GUY LOOKING AT PORN, DON'T THINK I CAN'T TELL). Anyway, this is fun. I feel like I'm back in high school. So, when I said fun, I meant the kind of fun you can get yanking your fingernails out.

I've been without internet now for about a week. I haven't died yet, but I've come close. The days seem to stretch before me, and I can only clean the house so many times. It's funny though. Now that we are without internet and cable, the house is cleaner. Coincidence? I think not. Also, the kids know what I look like. No longer do they think mommy has a chair surgically grafted to her fat ass. It all feels so early eighties.

I had to go to a bridal convention with my sister and mother this past weekend. The only good thing to come out of it was all the free samples of cake and stuff we got to eat. Who on earth would spend $8000 on a hotel for a reception? Really, because I want to meet you. Damn! It was funny, they had this one bar company there where you could sign up for them to cater your wedding and as incentive they had two HOT, young, shirtless guys there. I was so flustered. One of them asked me how I was doing and I could only giggle. GIGGLE! Like I was some grade school geek. I wanted to die.

Well, my time here at the public computer is almost up. I have many blogs and sites to visit, so this is the end of my post. Later.


Heather B said...

What a cute picture!! funny thing is her finger landed right on a dirty spot on my monitor, so it looks like she's telling me to clean it!! :D

And SOOOOO true about what happens when you don't have internet. Scary, I don't want to go there!!

Laina said...

Dude, you live in podunk Idaho and they have a freaking time limit on Internet usage?! Fucking library nazis.

Julie said...

Great post! You had me LOL twice! (The early 80's comment and the giggling.) And you recently said your blog wasn't funny anymore? WRONG!

Linda said...

You have me LMAO off over here!! I am glad your still alive!! I hope the same is true for your DH and kids...LOL!

Dottie said...

LOL! The wedding convention sounds fun! It is amazing how clean one's house can be when they don't spend so much time on the internet! LOL I was without a computer for a week and you would think I was Martha Stewart or something! :)