Sunday, January 01, 2006

am I ready?

2006 seems to have gotten here way faster than I was prepared for. Where the hell did 2005 go? I remember laughing at my mother when she would tell me that time speeds up the older you get. Little did I know...

I'm ready for '06 to be my year. I'm probably tempting fates here, but since '05 brought many a disaster my way, I'm thinking from here on out it's smooth sailing. Ugh, excuse me while I go hide under a rock and wait for the fates to pass me by.

Really though. How can this year go wrong? I'm 900 miles away from my mother-in-law and my father. I get to live 15 minutes from my mom and two of my sisters. Hell, I live in a state that actually has four seasons. So long monotonous weather of California.

Here's to you 2006. Please don't piss on my parade.

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