Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sick husbands suck

Husbands suck sometimes. Especially sick ones. I've never heard so much moaning and groaning in my life. You'd think he was dying, for heaven's sakes (with sayings like that, I morph into my grandmother a little more each day...frightening thought).

With all this commotion, you'd think he'd at least go to the doctors. I mean 4 missed days of work equal a visit to a trained professional in my book. But, no! He doesn't need a "stupid" doctor telling him what's wrong with his body. Okay then, just don't bitch to me when you die.

What I hate most about him being sick is him being home with me. All the damn day. I can't get anything done because he's lying on the couch, sighing loud enough to be heard three towns over. I ask him, "what do you want?" His answer is always long and drawn out and usually ends with a request for me to go to the store. Because we can never have what he wants here at the house, no that would be too easy.

So, if you're the praying type, pray he gets better before I kill him.


Toni said...

Poor girl...totally understand. I'd push him into a car and drive him to a dr. :)

Linda said...

My husband is the same exact way. He will whine for days, and thought of seeing a doctor is insane.

I don't get why men would rather prolong their misery, especially when there are some pretty good drugs out there.

Probably because there is a wife right there taking care of them. We are suckers!

Anonymous said...

The key is not prolonging THEIR misery - it's prolonging OURS! My "d"h is happiest when I'm waiting on him hand and foot. You should have seen the look on his face when he told me he was staying home with a cold and I asked him to bring our child to daycare b/c I was running late for a meeting. You'd have thought I had 3 heads, all green. Never mind that I had been up with the child since 3am b/c he leaked through his diaper, soaking his clothes and his bed.

OK - enough about me. I really hope your husband gets better soon. Or at least makes you ONE list so you can do all the shopping at once.