Monday, July 26, 2004

Motherhood is Boring

No one told me that motherhood can be so boring. Don't get me wrong, I love my little girl to pieces, but man she isn't the best company, know what I mean?

Every day is the same day. The only varying thing in my life right now is what's on television every night. At least I know what day it is, thanks to primetime!

I've always loved kids, couldn't wait to have a few of the little buggers myself. But infants? Whew, what a drag. They just lay there, make these alien sounds like they're calling the mothership, and drool. On everything. Making your house look like it's been attacked by some mutant colony of slugs.

But, what makes up for the endless hours of mindless drabble, when she smiles. Oh, that smile melts my heart every time. And, the funny part is what I do to earn one of those toothless, gummy smiles! I have stooped to new embarrassing lows for this. I dance around, singing made up stupid songs (personal favorite: "why is your butt so stinky?"), and contort my face into a scary array of poses, hoping that one of my antics will cause her to pause , study me, then let one rip (a smile duh!).

For that alone can make me forget how boring motherhood can be.

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