Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ah...sweet, sweet sleep.

I actually got to sleep in today, until 9:15am. Woohoo, it's a glorious day. Granted I was up until midnight with brat child, then again at 4:30am, but I digress.

Why is it when we're young we can stay up all night and still be bright-eyed and bushytailed the next day? Now, as an adult, we miss 1 or 2 precious hours and we're transformed into the antichrist. You'd think that as growing children, we need all the rest we can get. Our bodies are done growing now (at least in length...some of us still grow in width), and we can't enjoy them all night long without the aid of illicit drugs.

Also, I remember being able to crash anywhere you put me. The backseat of the family wagon, the couch, the sandbox in the backyard. Now, if I'm not in bed, preferably medicated with a Tylenol PM, there is no way I'm falling asleep for another hour.

I think that's the hardest part about having a child. The first thing to change was my sleep pattern, and that was before said child had even made her grand appearance. I think as soon as I hit that third trimester mark, my sleep left me and was replaced with achy hips and a tiny bladder. But, I think she was worth it. Though, I rarely am thinking that at 4:30am, when she is ready to play and I'm ready to crash.

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